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AspectLTL is a temporal-logic based language for the specification and implementation of crosscutting concerns.

AspectLTL enables the modular declarative specification of expressive concerns, covering the addition of new behaviors, as well as the specification of safety and liveness properties. Moreover, given an AspectLTL specification, consisting of a base system and a set of aspects, we provide AspectLTL with a composition and synthesis-based weaving process, whose output is a correct-by-construction executable artifact. The language is supported by a prototype tool and is demonstrated using running examples.

AspectLTL was created by Shahar Maoz and Yaniv Sa'ar. It is first presented in the paper: S. Maoz and Y. Sa'ar, "AspectLTL: An Aspect Language for LTL Specifications", AOSD'11. To appear.

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